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Flash casinos are among the most loved by players, precisely because not having to make any downloads or installation, they have easy access from any location are functional, fast and graphically excellent. There are few differences between casinos that need to install game management software and those that instead in flash version allow you to play without any particular procedure; all this thanks to the work of the developers who have now brought the two products to the same level.

Why choose a flash casino?

Often users ask themselves this question and the answer is one and very simple. Even if opting for a flash version means having to give up some games: casinos that only have this mode do not present the same variety of games as those that make and install a special software; the speed in procedures and the ability to access from any computer compensate for these small shortcomings. All this without having to give up anything, with excellent graphics, an exceptional sound and security in every operation both game and payment or deposit.

Differences between flash games and those with software

As we have said before flash games, compared to those that are managed by software downloaded and installed directly from the online casino site, are fast and lean in management; while the casinos themselves that use this version are also more searchable especially with regard to navigation. In addition to these prerogatives, flash games are also more fun given the speed of charging. As we said the graphics are superior because the flash platform allows those who make these games to develop them making the most of the full potential of this program. The result, then, is great and the players are literally kidnapped.

What to do to play with the flash version

To play on an online casino with the flash version is simple, but you still have to keep in mind that you need to perform some procedures. Among these what is crucial to do is definitely update on your computer the flash version, putting the latest version, and especially unlock the pop up windows, so as to prevent them from being locked at the time the game starts. After these two small operations, you just have to start playing, having fun and trying your luck.

Which games and casinos use the flash version?

Now all online casinos contemplate the flash version for their users, so that they can please everyone, even those who for various reasons can not download any software on the computer and therefore prefer this type of version. As for the games, we can say that now on every casino one game in five is also in flash version, this excluding online casinos that are entirely in flash version.

Here is a list of casinos with flash version

As we said the Italian casinos, licensees AAMS, which also present a flash version are different. Among these we have chosen the best, those that present several games and that allow their users to be able to benefit from the maximum technology currently on the market when it comes to digital games. The list of online casinos is as follows: William Hill Casino, 888 Casino, Titan Bet Casino, Sisal Casino, Uni Bet Casino, Winga Casino, NetBet Casino, Parti Casino and Vegas Club the Lottomatica Casino.