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Play with BelenI online casinos that adopt the paypal payment method are many, also because paypal is one of the most well-known systems in the world. Easy, fast, secure, paypal allows you to use your bank account or credit card, even prepaid, to make deposits and to collect winnings from the open gaming account within the online casino.

What is Paypal, when it is born and how it develops

Paypal, as we said is a payment system that was born in California in 2000 and after just two years is purchased by eBay. Five years later, in 2005, it was launched in Italy, making it clear that it would be an incredible success. In addition to the paypal e-commerce sector, it could only become a mainstay for online casinos and therefore gambling. With the agreement signed with Neovia for the provision of many financial services, Paypal has become one of the largest payment systems most used in online casinos of all countries that by law contemplate the opening of a gaming account at a digital gaming platform.

How to access and open a paypal account

To open a paypal account to use then for the deposit account on an online casino, you need to make a few steps, all very simple. Simply connect to the paypal site homepage and enter your personal data. Once you do this you move on to the second stage which is to register your credit card information that you want to use to deposit the money into your account. In addition to the credit card, you can also use the current account mode for depositing money, just enter the account details in the appropriate section “my account” and that’s it.

Casino with paypal and bonuses to those who use this method

As with Neteller, online casinos recommend this method and offer a 15% bonus for those who use a paypal account. Among these online casinos are William Hill Casino and 888 Casino, which prefer this payment system for regularity, speed of transactions and above all because it avoids any kind of scam. After a time when this payment system had been somewhat put aside by the online casinos themselves, everything changed and now in addition to being possible it is also highly recommended.

Why choose casinos with paypal?

Users who choose online casinos with paypal can first of all be sure that their transactions will be very controlled. Paypal offers a lot of advantages to players because first of all it recognizes 19 currencies and then it can boast a state-of-the-art security system that prevents any kind of scam. In addition to this, online casinos with paypal have a speciality regarding the management of both deposits and withdrawals, which are done in the same procedure, very simple for any type of user.


Paypal casinos, therefore, in addition to being secure in any type of transaction, are also easy to use. By now, almost all online casinos prefer this payment system, so much so that they push by allocating even important bonuses, players who have to open a game account at their digital platform.