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Playing trump is one of the easiest and funniest things, allowing you to play wherever you are; just a deck of 40 cards and any makeshift surface where you can rest your cards. Beloved by all, as said played everywhere, at the bar, in the house, on the train, at the club; It takes its name from the fact that one of the four seeds of the cards is decreed at the beginning of each game as trump, then the seed that eliminates all the others.

Trump and his story

It is thought that trump is dated fifteenth century and that his birth, geographically speaking, may be Denmark. The players of trump and three Danish players mentioned in many books of literature remain very famous, further confirming the thesis that the cradle of trump was born. This game arrives in Italy, passing through neighboring France, and once it enters our territory it takes on the contaminations of the place changing decisively, almost becoming a different game from the Danish one.

Trump’s game mode

As we said earlier, the first thing to do when we play trump is to determine the upper seed, also called trump suit. This trump suit is “elected” every hand that is played. To win the hand you are playing, you have to drop two cards of the same suit, and the player who plays the card with the highest value wins. If, on the other hand, two different seed cards are dropped, different from trump’s, the trump card is always the first, without looking at the value of the two cards played. Those of the two players who have taken the catch have the right to draw a card from the deck, alternating with the opponent; until all the cards in the deck finish. At the end of all the cards you will make the count.

The rules of trump

The rules of trump, as we have said before, are very easy to learn and put into practice. First of all we can say that it is a game that you can safely play two or four people; but it is often played even to three people, taking a non-trump two off the cards. Then there’s a trump, so-called a no-go, that allows you to play five and this one has very different rules from normal trump. It starts already from the cards dealt that are eight for each player, while the face value of the cards is this: from 7 to 2 are worth zero, the faction is worth 2, the horse 2, the king four, the three 10 and the ace is worth 11.

Trump tournaments online

There are many online trump tournaments that can be found on all the casino sites on the web. The operation is similar to that of broom tournaments. You join the tournament, sit at the table and start playing, with a fee to pay. At the end there is a ranking and with this you decide the winners.

Play trump live or on the web

Is there a difference between playing trump live or on the web? Let’s say that basically there is no difference, also because now in the online versions of trump, but as in all games present on online casinos, you can interact with a live chat, and then talk to the other players present at the table. Between the live and online versions there is no difference even of score, which to win always sees be 61 points, rules and cards have the same value.