The origins of the backgammon are lost in the night of time. From the civilizations of Mesopotamia, through ancient Greece to the Romans, from the Christian Middle Ages to the territories of Asia, this game has come a long way in time!

Esotericism and backgammon

The game is surrounded by an aura of mystery, mentioned in the texts of the philosophers Socrates and Plato, is said to have been found in a tomb of Sumerian origin. Even more interesting are the symbolisms that many attribute to the game, as if to represent a dualistic view of the world, typical of an Indo-European culture. The contrasting colors, the numerical needs, the dice and the structure of the game itself, refer us to a kind of life cycle.

Understanding the structure of the game

As per the premise, the backgammon is a two-man game. Each has 15 tokens to arrange on the game according to precise rules. The pawns move on two side-by-side tiles, one outside and one inside or home. In each of the riquards are drawn 12 tips, tips on which the pawns move, always according to precise rules. The two panes are separated by a line in the center, called a bar that acts a bit of a limbo and houses the “eaten” and passing pawns.

Backgammon: the red and white players

Players split the red and white pawns and arrange themselves in front of each other, the game begins. You move on the tips and according to the roll of the dice. We can only occupy spikes with less than 2 pieces otherwise we stand still. If we meet a single token, “discovery” we can eat it, it will end up in the bar. We can’t make moves if we have pawns on the bar, they have to get back in first.

What’s the point?

The aim of the game is to be able to bring all of its pawns, none excluded, into the house, that is, in the inner pane and then get them out of the game. Whoever first realizes this situation wins.

Not a simple victory on the backgammon

The backgammon is the most crushing victory and is achieved when the other player has many of his pawns still on the bar or worse, in the inner pane of the opposing player. In this case, you lose multiple points. The gammon is realized when the defeated player has not brought out any tokens. Yes, instead, let’s bring back a simple victory the opponent has at least managed to bring out a pawn. All you have to do is start playing this exciting game and many other casino games within the AAMS online gambling platforms.